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So the story goes…

Already mentioned in the Napoleonic land registry from the year 1817, the building is in reality an old tower of the Scaligeri family and its original construction can be dated back to the 14th century.

Located in the former “Strada della Posta Vecchia”, today’s famous Via Ponte Pietra, this building remains one of the highest and best maintained residences of Verona’s historical city centre.

The main facade of the house displays a rather beautiful and well-structured array of windows which are all framed by finest Avesa sandstone.

As soon as the main door opens, describing a wooden arch and adorned with typical red Verona marble which itself is partitioned into three pieces refined by skilled craftsmanship, one finds an original and pristine stone floor made of single rounded river stones crossed by two parallel marble plates formerly used as runway for carriages in past ages hinting at the historically rich atmosphere of the residence.

At the end of this gorgeous foyer one additionally finds two splendid sandstone pillars as a further testament to the glorious and grand past of Italian high society.